Student Ambassadors: Shaping the Global Campus Community

Grissel Gutierrez, Student Ambassador for Global Connections and Global Campus accounting major, reflects upon her experience as a WSU student leader in this guest blog post:

The advertisement for an open student ambassador position in the Global Campus eNewsletter caught me by surprise. I read through the job description at least a hundred times, sometimes thinking, “Yes! That’s me! I’m going to apply!” and then I would read the job description again and think, “I don’t think I can; not enough time, just no.” But the more I thought about it, and the more times I read through the job description I increasingly wanted to be a student ambassador. I didn’t want my college years to be academics and nothing more. I had a surge of determination to be the student leader that I knew being a student ambassador meant.

As student ambassadors, we have the opportunity to shape Global Connections programing. Seeing firsthand the process of taking an idea or a student need and materializing the abstract into a web-based event is amazing! In collaboration with other student ambassadors, we come up with online events that could be helpful, meaningful or just fun for our Global Campus peers. From mental health webinars to exercise tutorials and cooking with a professional chef, Global Connections programming is shaped by student ambassadors.

I can describe my experience being a student ambassador as stepping into the heart of the Global Campus community. We come together to inspire meaningful, relevant programing in hopes of meeting the needs of our peers. However, our goals are not merely to meet the needs of the Global Campus community but also to promote school spirit, engage significant interactions and most importantly, to provide an enjoyable and full college experience.

The opportunity to serve my fellow Global Campus students has been gratifying and fulfilling. I enjoy the collaboration with the other student ambassadors in our endeavor to best represent and serve students like us. I am so grateful for the valuable work and life experience I continue to gain on my journey as student ambassador. My advice to anyone curious or considering taking on any student leadership role is to get involved and don’t hesitate; develop the leader in you.

Learn more about Global Connections Student Ambassadors on the Global Connections website. If you’re interested in becoming a student ambassador, watch for information on how to apply in August.