Virtual Mentor shares key to success

Greetings and welcome to Fall semester from Fallon, one of your Virtual Mentors!

I began my higher education journey at Clark College in Vancouver before transferring to WSU Global Campus. Like many of you, I wanted to be sure that I started out at WSU successfully. With tons of organization and reaching out when I needed help (from professors and VMs) I graduated summa cum laude in 2012.

I had taken online classes at Clark (using two different systems) so I felt comfortable learning another learning management system. In the past eight years I've used Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard and Angel. Each one provides students with different tools and a different interface. The one thing that stayed the same throughout, for me, was having an online calendar.

I used my calendar to add all of the due dates for the entire semester and every class. To find the due dates I made sure to read each course schedule and syllabus carefully. Then I used a different color for each class and made sure to set reminders for long-term assignments (such as essays and group projects). It helped me stay on top of each course and allowed me to double check if I had something due even if I was away from my home office. There is something to be said for peace of mind!

Since graduating, with the help of my handy calendar, I went on to earn a Master’s in Women's Studies from San Diego State University (2015). I now work in Student Services at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon. I'm immensely thankful for my time at WSU and learning all that I did from my classmates and from the Virtual Mentors (before I became one myself!).

As you start your classes this Fall be sure to read through each syllabus and course schedule. Once you know what you need to do you can figure out when to do it! Also, if you are new to the Blackboard environment consider reaching out to your Virtual Mentors. We're here to help!