Virtual Mentor highlights opportunities for Global Campus students

Left to right: Robin Dimick, Terri Timpe, Butch the Cougar, and Diane Allen

Hi everyone! 

My name is Diane and I've been one of the Global Campus Virtual Mentors (VMs) since Fall 2009. I am a graduate of WSU Global Campus (it was called WSU Online back then) and my major was Business Administration/MIS. If you’ve been in one of the courses in which I’ve been a VM, you might recognize me from the above photo. That’s me on the far right, goofing around with fellow VMs at the 2013 ASWSU Global Rendezvous. If you haven't been to Rendezvous, make this year the year you attend. ASWSU Global offers you and your family free or discounted fun at this annual event. Rendezvous is usually held in March and is a great opportunity to meet with your academic advisor, attend a one-credit course, and network with other Global Campus students, faculty and staff. Be on the lookout later in the school year for more information about Rendezvous (and in the meantime, check out Rendezoo on Aug. 26).

My path to WSU's Global Campus may have been similar to yours. I completed an AS while working, and had stalled out because I wasn't able to attend classes in person. When we moved to Washington—although I wasn't 100% thrilled about leaving Hawaii and swapping flip flips for fleece—I learned about WSU’s online program and realized I could transfer my AS from California. That, and picking fresh berries straight from the vine, helped me look forward to it. Corny but completely true. By Spring 2009 I was very familiar with WSU’s online program because I’d been taking courses one or two at a time for several years. I was very happy with the quality of the program, so when I was offered the opportunity to remain a part of it by joining the VM group, I jumped at it. Also corny but completely true.

Something we probably have in common is that we have a lot to do. Hopefully you've had a chance to take a break during the summer, get some fresh air and exercise and maybe even sleep in once or twice. Wellbeing Online has a program to help encourage us to take care of ourselves even when super busy, the CyberCoug Fitness Club, which will partly reimburse your cost for a gym membership. You can find out more about it on WSU's Wellbeing Online website. In addition to physical wellness, the website has an interesting collection of articles on many aspects of wellness such as emotional, financial, intellectual, and occupational. The articles are well written and just the right length for a good read during a short break from work or study.

My advice is to take advantage of all that WSU Global Campus offers students, and I hope to "see" you in the Blackboard Learn course space, or at the next Rendezvous.

Diane Allen, VM