Secret to better Blackboard post viewing revealed

Greetings Global Campus students!

I am Ellen Lutz, next in line to visit with all you Global Campus students here in this blog! I graduated from WSU Global Campus (then the Distance Degree Program… a.k.a. DDP) in 2007 with a BA in Social Sciences. Since that time, I have remained active in WSU’s online education community as a Virtual Mentor (VM). WSU’s DDP gave me the opportunity to earn a degree I would not have otherwise achieved and working as a VM has given me a way to pay that gratitude forward. 

Three weeks ago you met Assistant Lead VM Alina Zollfrank, with her wonderful introduction to the VM program and ways to build community within the virtual classroom. Today, I am going to take a different route and share with you a tip that I hope will be useful to you as you work in Blackboard.

At least a couple times each semester, the issue of those pesky, difficult to read posts comes up. You know the ones where you have to scroll left to right to read everything? They are both frustrating and annoying! This happens because the default message settings have Word Wrap turned off.

The good news is, this issue can be easily remedied by changing the HTML settings from the Bb Message Menu. Here’s how:
  • Open a New or Reply Message window 
  • In the Message Menu, select HTML 
  • A pop-up window will open with HTML coding (or a blank window if you have not yet typed into the message body)
  • In the upper right-hand corner, select the check box next to Word Wrap
  • In the bottom right-hand corner, select Update

Once you have followed these steps, automatic word wrap should make for a much more enjoyable reading experience. No more scrolling back and forth to read posts!

I hope everyone has a great week!