Meet Your Librarian: Erica England!

Erica England
Erica England
Introducing your WSU Global Campus Librarian: 
Erica England, First-Year Experience & Distance Learning Librarian

Understanding the resources you have through your campus library is an essential tool as you work toward your degree. Getting to know your librarian should help bridge the gap between your distance and the need for research. We've asked Erica some questions and her answers should help connect you with the library system.

How long have you worked with WSU libraries? What brought you here?
I have worked for WSU for just over a year now. Growing up as the child of someone in the military, I always wanted my dad to be stationed in the PNW—he never was, so I jumped on the chance as an adult.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love helping students discover that research doesn’t have to be painful. And I always learn something when I sit down to help a student research a topic.

What is the least known or most mysterious feature available through the WSU libraries?
InterLibrary Loan & Summit materials. Many students don’t know about these services, so they miss out on so much research material. (As distance students, nothing is off-limits. We will make sure you have access to the same materials as our on-campus students.)

What one question do you get asked most often?
“Library school is really a thing?” Yes, it is. All librarians have to hold a master's degree.

What is one thing you’re working on for the library that you’re excited about and students can look forward to?
Virtual research consultations. A lot of distance students feel like there’s no one to help with research & we are trying to combat this. They can request appointments through our Book-a-Librarian request form ( 

As a Global Campus student, you also have access to Subject Specialist librarians—those with more specialized knowledge with reference and research help and instruction. You can connect with those individuals on the Subject Specialist page of the WSU Libraries web site.

Also visit the Global Connections Video Vault and check out the recording of Erica's webinar, Introduction to WSU Libraries for Global Campus Students. In the webinar, Erica gives a tutorial on fundamental library research tools, methods to get help for your scholarly projects, and library FAQs.