Monday, November 23, 2015

Musical mash-up at grad receptions

IMG_0237At Washington State University commence- ments, the musicians play Pomp and Circumstance. But at WSU Global Campus pre-commencement receptions, there’s not much pomp, and the circumstances are more eclectic than classical.

That’s because the Global Campus student government, which organizes the Pullman and Seattle events, lets students choose their favorite songs, then assembles them into a wide-ranging playlist: Classic rock. Contemporary country. Pop. R&B, hip-hop, and the uniquely peculiar Dead Milkmen.

Some songs inspire: “Today is where your book begins/The rest is still unwritten.”

Some songs empower: “We ride and never worry about the fall/I guess that's just the cowboy in us all.”

And some may comfort those with average grades: “Happiness on earth/Ain't just for high achievers.”

The auditory free-for-all started last spring, when ASWSU Global decided to better tailor the receptions to the students’ tastes.

“They’re all sharing this incredible sense of pride and accomplishment,” said ASWSU Global liaison CeCe Smith. “We thought they should be able to share their music too.”

The diverse music reflects the diverse student body, Smith said. “Our students have a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds,” she said. “It's one of the benefits of Global Campus courses: Students learn from their classmates as well as their professors.”

Does that make up for hearing Glenn Miller segue into Van Halen into Tim McGraw into Bon Jovi?

“These folks are WSU graduates,” she said. “They know how to embrace differences—and find beauty in unexpected places.”

--Richard H. Miller/WSU Global Campus

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