Thursday, September 17, 2015

WSU Global Campus is on your team

Sina staff support WSU Global Campus is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. In addition to the many resources offered by the entire WSU system, Global Campus provides its own resources. Here are a few: 

Personal advisors. Your advisor is your personal navigator on your academic journey.

eTutoring. Get free unlimited online tutoring on everything from accounting to writing. eTutoring website

Virtual mentors. The VMs are in many courses to help with non-academic issues. Most are WSU Global Campus seniors or graduates.

Tech support. 24/7 help from our tech support office.

Career help. Map out your future with a  free advice from WSU career counselor Chris Miller.

Proctored exams. Global Campus staff offer an online proctored exam service.

Other support. Here's a link to our support services staff.