Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WSU email changes; new name for zzusis

WSU Student Working on LaptopWSU has two big announcements for fall semester:

WSU email addresses changing.

  • Many email user names were “first.lastname.” That’s changed. All user names are now the network ID user name—the same name you use for zzusis and Blackboard. (If that’s already your email user name, then it hasn’t changed.)
  • The word “email” has been dropped from “”
  • Example? If you used to log in as, you’ll now log in as simply
  • Starting Aug. 24, all official WSU email messages will be sent to your WSU email account. If you had a different account listed as “preferred,” that account will be automatically switched to your WSU account. Be sure to use that WSU account.
  • Emails sent to your old address will be forwarded.

These changes include a bonus: When you log in to, you can get Microsoft Office for free.

Zzusis has been renamed.

Zzusis is now called myWSU. None of the content is changing, just the name. If you go to zzusis, you’ll be automatically redirected, but you might as well bookmark the correct URL:

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