Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top tips from three amazing grads

tips from three gradsGlobal Campus graduates, from left, Katie Walsh, Paul Cummins and Cynetha Blacketer.

To have a successful semester, says one WSU Global Campus graduate, remember these three words: “Plan, plan, plan!”

Katie Walsh graduated this past spring with a bachelor’s in business. She was an ASWSU Global senator and won WSU’s 2015 President’s Award for Leadership.

“I once took seven classes in one semester,” she says. “I created a spreadsheet to track the assignments and when they were due. By putting all this information side by side, I was able to schedule the time I needed to complete the assignments.”

Another 2015 business graduate, Paul Cummins, used a similar strategy to earn 74 credits in a single year—while working full-time, raising two kids, coaching his eldest son’s basketball team, maintaining a 3.6 GPA, and running an occasional 200-mile relay race

He listed all his due dates in a spreadsheet, and each week reviewed the spreadsheet to make sure he was on track. “You never want to be behind,” he says. “If you get a little behind, you have to work so much harder to get caught up.” Cummins also recommends “grouping” courses: Taking classes with similar curriculums so you can apply concepts learned in one class to another.

Global Campus graduate Cynetha Blacketer also advises being organized, but added another tip, perhaps related to her 2015 psychology degree: “Pick one day a week when you will not deal with schoolwork,” says Blacketer, who also was a student senator. “This helps you decompress and avoid the dreaded burnout that we all experience at some point. We all learn in a specific way and at a specific pace, so pace yourself in the manner that best works for you.”

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