Wednesday, February 4, 2015

eLearning also includes ski learning

ASWSU Global leadership1From left, John Larson, Katie Walsh and Zack Lipana.

Online education is all about cozying up at home and thinking deep thoughts, right? Think again:

A long trough descends through the hard-packed snow atop Mount Spokane. The children are gleeful. The adults show no fear—although some wonder why the inner tubes carry ads for dental services. ASWSU Global Senator Katie Walsh hesitates before lowering herself onto a tube. She hasn’t gone tubing since she was a child. It’s the first time for her 9-year-old son, Jeremy. Jeremy is excited. Katie is thinking that, at age 30, bones take longer to heal.

Katie has only herself to blame for her predicament. She organized the Global Campus evening skiing and tubing trip. Most ASWSU Global events—the Tacoma Rendezvous, tailgate parties, zoo trips—are on the West Side. “Our East Side students had been asking for more events over here,” she says. They especially enjoy events suited for children. “A lot of them are in their 30s, so they want something they can bring their kids to.”


Heather Potak, a social sciences major, has brought her husband and three children. “It’s a fun family event,” she says.

IMAG4226When accounting major Ashley Grubb signs in at the ski lodge, she mentions her home town, and gets a cheer from fellow accounting student, ASWSU Global President John Larson. Both, it turns out, are from the small city of Chewelah, Wash. John is delighted. “I’ve met people from Stevens County before,” he says, “but I can’t recall meeting anyone from Chewelah at one of these events.”

Ron Moser is earning a graduate certificate in engineering and technology management online. He’s a former executive at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and the University of Phoenix. He’s now a leadership consultant who also teaches a business course at WSU Pullman.

“We want to be more involved with WSU,” says Moser, who brought three of his four children. “And this is a good opportunity to get out and meet people.”

When the evening ends, the last two guests return from the tubing hill. Neither has broken anything. Both are jubilant. “We closed it down,” Katie says. “We were the last ones there. It was great!”

For a list of upcoming face-to-face events, visit the ASWSU Global events page.

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