Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Global Campus leader: Let's talk

Dave Cillay interviewDave Cillay in a recent interview with an Oklahoma TV station.

Dave Cillay is a WSU vice president, a nationally known expert in  elearning, and in charge of the WSU Global Campus. He’s also committed to making your WSU Global Campus experience the best it can be.

To do so, he’s holding a live online chat at 6 p.m. (PT) Sept. 18 with Global Campus students. He’ll answer your questions about WSU’s online program, and seek your feedback. Just sign up here, and we'll send you a link to the live-stream event. In the meantime, if you’d like to submit a question in advance, please send it to by Sept. 15.

For a preview of Dave answering tough questions,  please select the video link, above.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Join this workshop, get better grades

a game coverCollege professor Kenneth J. Sufka spent decades helping students figure out where they went wrong: Why weren’t their study skills translating into good grades?

The answer, he found, is that many study habits range from ineffective to horrible. In response, he wrote “The A Game.” It contains nine simple rules for academic success, and a list of dozen “deadly habits” to avoid.

Our Global Connections program has invited Dr. Sufka to hold a workshop with Global Campus students about how to make the most of their study time. Please join us for his interactive online presentation at 3 p.m. Aug. 24 by selecting this link.