Monday, December 17, 2012

Contest will let your lights shine

synder holiday lights

You’ve considered entering the WSU Global Campus seasonal decorating competition, but hesitated: Will the judges embrace your oeuvre—whether it involve house, tree or bird cage? Will they grasp the chiaroscuro interplay of brightness and shadow? Will they appreciate the subtextual nuance of the neon elves?

Not to worry. One of contest organizers is Charlie Snyder, Pullman’s own master of holiday d├ęcor. Snyder’s latest creation was featured in a Moscow-Pullman Daily News video, above.

So hesitate no more. Enter the contest, win cash, and be assured that your masterpiece, no matter how non-metaphoric, will be warmly welcomed.

To enter, select “Attending” on the event RSVP form. Then, send a photo or short video of your creation to before Jan. 7

Be sure to include your name and WSU email address with your entry.

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