Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Health plan covers lion’s share of costs

butch WSU Online“Why yes, you do feel a little chilly. Perhaps it’s your lack of plush fur.”

You’ve heard of Obamacare and Hillarycare. But how about Butchcare?

Washington State University’s student health insurance plan has about 2,200 enrollments for all campuses, said Merry Lawrence, patient services billing and insurance supervisor at Washington State University Health and Wellness. Yet fewer than 100 of those are WSU Online students.

That’s because online students tend to have families and jobs, so they often take fewer credits than the minimum seven-credit course load. And often those jobs already provide health insurance.

But for those who do wish to enroll, the insurance can be a good option. At last check, it offered prescription drug coverage and vision coverage, and was also available for dependents and domestic partners. The deadline to enroll for fall semester is Sept 6. For more information, please visit the webpage.

In other news: WSU’s financial aid office says the new zzusis system means that continuing students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits no longer need to complete the Fall Enrollment Form. It’s all automatic.


  1. Are the rates per month?

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  3. Check the link above for details. That page also includes contact info for the student insurance office.