Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Online grad to try online teaching

Teresa and Kayla SheeleyTeresa Sheeley, left, with her daughter, Kayla.

When Teresa Sheeley graduated from WSU Online last May, she wasn’t done with online education. The Omak, Wash., artist is preparing to teach her own online course, Make Something Beautiful.

“Taking courses from WSU Online inspired me to teach something I know online,” Sheeley said.

Teresa is well known as a regional artist; she sells her work online and at arts and crafts shows, such as The Farm Chicks.

Teresa’s online co-instructor is her daughter, Kayla, who graduated from WSU-Pullman last May with her fine arts degree. The course runs March 19-April 15, and covers different techniques, with a little art history thrown in.

“We will have videos, and Kayla will teach things she learned from attending campus classes,” Teresa said.

Most of the prospective students have long wanted to take art lessons, Teresa said, but have been prevented by time or distance.

“Having this outlet really opens up the learning experience,” Teresa said, “just as WSU Online does for students across the country and beyond.” 

(For more on Teresa and Kayla, here’s a 2011 story.)

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