Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspiring stories of unstoppable students

IMG_1413smIn the past year, we’ve posted 65 stories on this blog and most were about determination: Students determined to graduate, determined to change their lives, determined to improve the lives of those around them.

Among the many students profiled here were Jules Dossou Azatassou, who is driving cabs in Spokane while he aims for a career in law enforcement. Alex Esparza, who works at a juvenile detention center and wants to use his degree to keep kids out of the system. Kerry Clark, who is building a new life after his mother was killed in Iraq.

This year, the blog has had nearly 11,000 visitors, and 22,000 page views. The five most-read stories were:

A graduate describes overcoming incredible obstacles, and brings audience members to tears. 

The story of Kayla Heard, a 16-year-old who became WSU’s youngest graduate. Her youth sparked a national discussion. A follow-up story made the top 10.

A list of top things to look for in an online university.

A story about a couple who both became teachers, and, in fifth place, a story about SAP changes affecting financial aid.

We at WSU Online are honored to help celebrate these everyday heroes, and to share their stories. We’re inspired by their strength. We marvel at their resilience. And, as we approach a new year, we find comfort in seeing the world become a better place, one graduate at a time.

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