Thursday, July 21, 2011

Becoming a Coug, in her pajamas

SONY DSC                       Natalie and Gene Kolczynski, and their daughter Emily Seaman, are all teachers.

It was time to join the pride: Natalie Kolczynski had seen two daughters graduate from Washington State University, and one become a teacher. She’d seen her husband, also a WSU grad, become a teacher after decades in the printing industry. Natalie had a degree in nursing – a career she set aside to be a mom – but decided to add a social sciences degree to her resume: “I just wanted to be a Coug.”

In 2005, Natalie enrolled in WSU Online. “I really found the classes challenging, rigorous,” she said. “The instructors were phenomenal, very involved in the learning. And I loved that I could be in my pajamas.”

Natalie graduated summa cum laude in 2008 and got a job in the administration office of the Renton School District, where both her husband and daughter taught. Her boss asked her to replace a retiring teacher. She agreed and now teaches at Renton and Lindbergh high schools.

For the complete story of Natalie ('08) and Gene ('74) Kolczynski, and their daughter Emily Seaman ('04), please go to the EduCoug blog.

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