Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuition rises, but so does value of degree

DSC_6442     As expected, WSU tuition is going up due to a big cut in state support. Here’s a link to the new rates.
     The good news is there are lots of financial aid options, plus WSU has a great financial aid staff to help students find the funding package they need.
     The other good news is that college degrees are getting more and more valuable. This is from an excellent article in last Sunday’s New York Times:
     “Three decades ago, full-time workers with a bachelor’s degree made 40 percent more than those with only a high-school diploma. Last year, the gap reached 83 percent. College graduates, though hardly immune from the downturn, are also far less likely to be unemployed than non-graduates.”


  1. It was a great article especially during these tough economic times. I am hoping I will be able to hang on for 2 more years until I graduate with my bachelor in business admin and operations, so I can be one of the lucky ones too.

  2. If you haven't already, give our financial aid office a call. They're great at finding ways to help students. 509-335-9711

  3. The financial aid office is NOT helpful. I was eligible for two grants, and my EFC showed the need. They decided that they cannot give me any financial aid. I spoke with multiple members of the financial aid staff. I might have to drop out of school because of the lack of financial aid and the rise of tuition costs.

    Who can I call to speak to about this issue besides the financial aid office?

    Please Help!

  4. I would ask the student to come forward and speak to a supervisor. Our awarding guidelines are pretty clear and I’m sure if there were institutional error involved when handling this student’s awards, that immediate corrective action would have been taken. If this is a matter of miscommunication, we would also be happy to clarify so that this does not happen again.
    If the student is not satisfied after speaking with a supervisor in our office, they are welcome to speak to the University Ombudsman or Federal Financial Aid Ombudsman. The mission of our office is to remove financial barriers so students can pursue their educational goals.
    ¬—Oscar Verduzco/Assistant Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships

  5. I would like to offer my praise to the WSU financial aid staff. I transferred this fall with an AA from a community college and so far financial aid has been great. I've always received timely emails and updates on my financial aid status plus when I call with questions I get to talk to a live person!

    Not only am I (36 and married with 4 children) finishing my Business Administration degree through WSU Online, I convinced my mother to finish her Social Sciences degree with WSU Online also!