Friday, February 11, 2011

Beware the “unusual massage” email

massage     Scammers would be a lot more dangerous if they hired a proofreader.
     The latest scam, according to WSU’s IT Department, involves an email purportedly from The subject line is “Re-Confirm your Wsu.Edu to avoid closure.” Here’s how it starts, typos and all:
     “We are detected some unusual massage from your Webmail account,to avoid you loosing your account or suspention,you are to re-confirm you account for us to know that you are the rightfull owner of this account."
     The email then asks for personal information -- as if any WSU student would fall for such a poorly spelled hoax.

     In other safety news, this is American Heart Month. Apparently, you’re supposed to eat right and exercise occasionally. There’s more health info on the Wellbeing for Online Students webpage.
     You’ll also find an “Ask Wellbeing” Q&A page, but if you really want to feel great, see if you can win a Kindle by completing this survey.

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  1. My webmail account has been a little stressed out lately. Perhaps a nice massage would help?!!!