Thursday, January 6, 2011

A sweet feast of useful facts

Vampire GirlOnline courses are ideal for people with alternative sleeping habits.

"Does WSU Online offer that program where you learn how to get people’s blood?”
In five years of student service experience, I had never been asked about bloodletting, blood sucking, or  anyrebecca stull thing regarding blood before. I’ve heard all sorts of crazy questions, but this was the first of the vampire variety.
After a little poking and prodding (so to speak), I discovered the student was asking about a phlebotomy program. While WSU Online does offer a program for registered nurses,we don’t offer phlebotomy – perhaps due to homework issues.
Fortunately, most questions are a little easier to answer. At this time of the year, there are plenty flooding in.

“Beginning of the Semester” New Student Questions
Q. When I try to log into Angel, it says my account is disabled.
A. This is usually because there are no active courses. You will be able to log in when courses are in session.
Q. The course I want to register for doesn’t have a Schedule Line Number listed. How do I find it?
A. WSU Online advised students can find Restricted Schedule Line numbers in their My Account page.
Q. How do I get my Advising Hold lifted?
A. You need to talk to your advisor. Their contact information can be found on your My Account page.
Q. I’m taking AO 99 and I can’t find the passwords for the quizzes.
A. They are in there; you just have to read all of the information.

Common Continuing Student Questions
Q. When do I apply for graduation? More...A. You should apply for graduation when you are within two to three semesters or a minimum of 30 credits from your anticipated graduation date. Failure to file a graduation application may result in a delayed graduation date.
Q. Why do I have a Writing Portfolio hold?
A. If you are required to complete WP 99, and you have 60 credits or more, you may receive a Writing Portfolio registration hold. To complete the Junior Writing Portfolio, WSU Online students must complete both of the following in either order, one each term, to have the Writing Portfolio hold lifted.
  • Turn in three papers from three different college-level courses that are rated Acceptable or Outstanding by the instructors. These may be from courses at previous schools, as well as WSU courses. Lab reports, Business Analysis plans, etc. may be used. Take the proctored Timed Writing Exam.
  • Check out the Writing Portfolio instructions located on your My Account Page.
Common Prospective Student Questions
Q. I’m interested in your programs. What do I do?
A. If you would like additional information about a specific program, attend a live webinar.
If you can’t attend a webinar, but have questions, complete our Request Information form. One of our Academic Consultants will contact you to talk with you about the program and answer your questions.
When you are ready to apply for admission, visit our website to complete an application, and request all official transcripts be sent to the WSU Office of Admissions.
Q. What is the cost of tuition?
A. Check the tuition chart online. It depends on how many credits you take and your residency status.
Q. What credits will transfer in?
A. Depends on when and where you received the credits, what grade you received, and if WSU has received your official transcripts.
Q. I have an associate’s degree, how long will it take for me to get my Bachelor’s Degree?
A. Depends on how many credits transfer in and what program you take.
So, whether your questions are about blood or books, I hope this little FAQ list helps your semester start off right.
-- Rebecca Stull/student services, tech support

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