Thursday, December 30, 2010

Success tips from the front lines

WSU Online may use a lot of fancy technology, but we still put a high value on an old-fashioned asset: A real live person who answers your call and helps make things right. Rebecca Stull is one of those problem-solvers, and she offers these tips on how to be a successful online student:

One thing I’ve noticed is that savvy students always know the deadlines! They print off the Academic Calendar or write the key dates in a day planner.
They most likely have a few additional items marked on their calendar, including:

     Get money! The WSU Online student government has scholarships. The deadline to apply for academic year (fall and spring) scholarships is June 1, the deadline for spring only scholarships is November 1, and the deadline More... for summer scholarships is March 15. The general WSU Academic Scholarship application has a deadline of January 31.
     Check in with an academic consultant well before registration opens to get the advising hold lifted.
     Get financial aid squared away. Be especially aware of the FAFSA priority date, Feb. 15. It can mean the difference between joy and sorrow.
     Register! Yeah, this one you aren’t likely to forget, but if your ducks are in a row you’ll increase your chances of getting the classes you want instead of your second, third, or fourth choices. And, in case you forgot, those restricted schedule line numbers are in your My Account page under registration.
     Get your books early. It won’t be your fault if the shipment is delayed. But you’ll be the one who suffers. So, it’s best to ship early to ensure you have your books for the first day of classes.

But, it all starts with the Academic Calendar! Print it off, tape it to the computer monitor, tack it to the wall, highlight it, scribble on it, add alarms to your phone, do whatever you have to do to keep on course.


  1. The Academic Calendar is certainly key - I might offer that it is also helpful for large projects to set milestone dates up front at the beginning of the term.

    This is particularly helpful when instructors do not have a lot of hard dates in the class, but rather expect you to work at your own pace. If you save all the work for the end, that is a recipe for disaster.

  2. This returning student is trying to find which courses are offered online from the "complete" catalog or if there is a seperate online catalog. Thanks

  3. Hello! Did you ever receive an answer? There is an online catalog for WSU-Online. Please visit

  4. Go here:

    ...and look for the "WSU Online" semester links.