Friday, October 1, 2010

Cool cats read the CyberCoug

DSC_5808New edition of the CyberCoug: ASWSU Online student newspaper reports that Cougars frolic in the alleys during bowling get-together in Pullman.

Security alert: If you get an email saying, “(Your) E-mail Box has reached its maximum limit of 20 GB," don't take the bait, WSU computer expert says in the Daily Evergreen.

WSU Online's Lenore Chambers says she's seeing a different scam: "The WSU Online e-mail box gets several of these every day," she says. "There's no subject line, just a Web link in the body of the e-mail. Don't click the link. Someone did and she ended up sending an offensive Web link to everyone she ever wrote to and then was unable to change her password."

If you run into trouble, try WSU's Student Help Desk. In the meantime, don't click on any suspicious links, and be wary of revealing personal info.

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