Thursday, August 12, 2010

We go where FedEx doesn’t

Island     “FedEx doesn’t go there.”
     Kay Huffine is among the few who have heard that phrase. She’s heard it about a jungle clearing in Central Africa. A mountain in Mexico accessible only by burro. A village in Nepal.
     KaKay Huffiney, who sends out proctored exams for WSU Online, expected to hear it again when she told FedEx that a student’s address was “a blue building just down from the bank” on an island in Central America. “I was picturing a sand road lined by palm trees,” Kay said.
     But FedEx surprised her. Apparently, it can handle color-coded directions. “Too bad,” Kay said. “I might have delivered that one myself.”
     Kay has spent two decades finding ways to get the exams, which require in-person supervision, to WSU Online students across the world. With the fall semester about to begin, she shared these tips for making sure the process runs smoothly, whether you live in Mukilteo or Mongolia:
     See if you have proctored exams. About 20 percent of WSU Online courses have proctored exams, Kay said. Go to each course in Angel, then to Content/Syllabus/Work, and scroll to the paragraphs on exams.
     If you do have a proctored exam, use the Exam Proctor Information link to get information on finding a proctor, requesting exams, and exam delivery modes.
     Set up the exam as soon as possible. Most Proctor Nomination/Exam Request Forms are available in the first two weeks of the semester in myAccount, formerly myDDP.
     Leave two weeks for mailing. Proctored exams, both online and paper, are snail-mailed to the proctor, so leave two weeks for processing and delivery. (Two weeks? Really? “Trust me,” Kay said. “I’ve been doing this a long time.”)
     Ask Kay. If you can’t find answers to your exam proctor questions online, feel free to contact Kay at, or by calling 509-335-3557 or 800-222-4978.
     Invite Kay. If you live on a tropical island and have a guest room, please contact Kay to discuss exam delivery options.

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