Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WSU Online joins Boeing ed fair

WSU Online Boeing     Washington State University has always had extensive connections with Boeing. A Google search for pages containing both Boeing and Washington State University brings more than 55,000 results.
    This June, Boeing gave WSU a $105,000 grant to increase mentoring for engineering and science students. This July, Boeing and WSU joined a team helping create create aviation biofuels. Last year, two top Boeing executives lent their expertise to a WSU Online marketing course.
    The most widely known connection may be that former Boeing Commercial Airplanes president Scott Carson is a WSU grad, and served on WSU’s Board of Regents.
    Now Boeing has invited WSU Online to participate in its first Virtual Education Fair, which runs from July 26-30, and offers the chance to reach more than 130,000 Boeing employees.
    You can see WSU Online’s virtual booth here.

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