Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bookie Too offers text rentals

spider      You may want to keep that 20-pound Existential Economics textbook for your children. Or to kill spiders. But if you’re looking to save money and storage space, the Bookie Too is now offering textbook rentals.
     “It is much cheaper to rent than buy the book,” said textbook coordinator Rick Wayenberg.
     New rental books are being added daily, Wayenberg said. “We could perhaps run out of rentals on a title, so it is best if they order early,” he said.
     Because students must fill out forms, book rentals are available only online or in person, not by telephone. If students are ordering online, he said, the rental option will appear when available.
     “We typically would rent new books first, making used books available for sales,” Wayenberg said. “The rental fee is the same for new and used. If we were to run out or not have any new available, then used would be rented.”
     For more information, go to the Bookie’s rental page.

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