Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rendezvous voices: Students describe journey, goals

From left, Cheryl Farr, Julie Merchant, and Paula Slaye.

The March 27 Tacoma Rendezvous, presented by the ASWSU-DDP drew about 60 attendees for a reception, one-credit academic seminars and a chance to meet staff and other students from a variety of backgrounds. Here’s a quick look at what four of them had to say:

Cheryl Farr, screenwriter, English major
I’ve been taking screenwriting classes online through screenwritingu.com for about three years. I did a short based on a true story from the Civil War that was a quarter-finalist in the Page International  screenwriting competition. I got it to a producer last year who wants me to do a feature version. I’m also working on a romantic comedy.
I’m earning my English degree through WSU Online I’ll have more credentials and credibility in the industry. It shows I have some education behind me.

Julie Merchant, teacher
I work with children for Tacoma Public schools and for the Tacoma School of the Arts.
My degree will help me understand how to approach and help kids with learning disabilities. How to get them through school if possible. Some don’t have that capability, but if we can get them even close to graduating we can get them into a transition program.
I have a family and I don’t have access to a campus. Online education gives me an opportunity to earn a degree that would be otherwise unattainable.
Michael Kebba, Seattle Police lieutenant, social sciences major
It’s beneficial to have a broader sociology type degree when you’re in law enforcement. It gives you a greater depth of understanding of society and people. You understand the complexity of the community we live in.
Today I’m taking a course in pet psychology. Not only does it give me one credit, but I also have a dog at home that’s a little incorrigible. I’m trying to teach it some behavioral tricks. The course also applies to my job. I’m the commander of our canine narcotics unit.
WSU’s online program has afforded me the opportunity to take classes at home, at my own pace, after hours.

Paula Slaye, credit union employee and AWSU-DDP senator-elect, social sciences major
I started at WSU in 1971. I got a marriage proposal and never finished. But I’ve always been a Coug at heart. When my daughter said, “Wouldn’t it be fun if you finished your degree?” I came back through the online program. I’m just four classes from getting a degree in social sciences.
I decided to be an AWSU-DDP senator so I could represent the more mature students. They have families and jobs. They’re balancing children, marriage, spouses, work but are still trying to get someplace.
I’ve been wanting to go back for years. WSU is where my heart is. WSU is Washington State’s university. Period.

Here are photos from the Tacoma Rendezvous.

Next up for the ASWSU-DDP is the May 8 commencement. Students, family and friends are invited for May 7 activities, which include campus tours and a reception.

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  1. It was fun meeting allot of you. I was the one along with Richard Miller taking your pictures and shooting the video in the classrooms. Hope to see you next time!! It was a great event.