Monday, January 25, 2010

Student: Advisor 'made all the difference'

At Distance Degree Programs, we pride ourselves on exceptional student service. A big part of that is our academic advising team. We just received this letter singling out one of our great advisors, Craig Stephens, so we thought we'd share it.

I just wanted to share with you what an awesome experience DDP turned out to be for me. As a student taking a rather untraditional approach to earning a bachelor’s degree, it was frightening to go from the “normal” routine of college to this new method.
I was worried for a few reasons. Will I do well if I’m not actually going to class? Will I get lost in the shuffle of other students and be overlooked when I need help? Is this going to be recognized as a “real” degree by the outside world?”
Well, all these fears were immediately put to rest when I first spoke to my academic advisor, Craig Stephens. He answered all of these questions and more!
More...Without Craig’s guidance, I believe I wouldn’t have finished my degree as successfully. Craig was always willing to set aside time to talk with me, work out various plans for if I wanted to switch majors or change my minor, and discuss both in big picture and little picture terms what that would mean for my class load, graduation timeline, etc.
The requirement that every student meets or talks with his/her advisor before registering each semester is a fantastic way to keep students on track with their goals, and timelines. Having that helping hand made all the difference to me.
To students who fear that this might not be perceived as a “real” degree, I’d say that everyone focuses more on what you learned while obtaining your degree instead of how you obtained it. Employers also find that students who put in hard work and long hours to meet their educational goals are the types of employees they want. All in all, my experience with Distance Degree Programs was fantastic!
Even though I’ve never been to Pullman, I’m proud to be a Coug!
Thanks for letting me share a little bit about how much I appreciated my WSU experience.
Anna Carlson

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