Monday, January 4, 2010

Service connects students, scholarships

Meet your match. A new Web site, promises "smarter scholarship matches" for students seeking financial help.
Among the WSU scholarships currently listed are: the Cougar Academic Award, Future Cougars of Color, Glenn Terrell Presidential Scholarship, Regents Scholars Program, Transfer Achievement Award, and University Achievement Award.
WSU's financial aid office says it will be adding more scholarships as the site continues to grow.

FAFSA now online. The new year means the new FAFSA form is now online. Here's a link to more information. The earlier you file, the more options for aid you have.
The form has been simplified this year, The Washington Post explains, with "skip logic" that lets applicants bypass unnecessary questions. The government is also working on a way to download tax information directly onto the form.

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