Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money is on table. First come, first served

Would you rather get $5,156 as a loan or a grant?
In 2009, Sally Sunshine filed the FAFSA by the priority date. She got a grant. Paul Procrastinator filed the form after the date. He got a loan he needs to pay off. That’s because earlier filers are eligible for a bigger pool of financial resources.
Unfair? That’s the way it’s always been. The early bird gets the worm, the diligent ant survives the winter, the feckless grasshopper perishes in the snow.
This year’s priority date is February 15. Here’s a link to more information. Now it’s up to you.

MLK volunteers can share stories. If you were among the more than 90 WSU students, staff and faculty who participated in service projects for Martin Luther King Day, WSU’s Center for Civic Engagement would like to hear from you. Please contact Kim Freier so the center can document your service hours. The center also wants to hear what you did, so it can share your story. Here's a video of students helping at a food bank.

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