Monday, October 26, 2009

Request your proctored exams now

Now is the time to request proctored exams for the fall semester. Proctored exams are mailed; other delivery methods are done at a student’s request and expense.
Please also consider how you're going to return the exam. Ask your proctors if they handle other than regular mail. If not, you may have to take your final exam earlier so it can be back to the instructor by the deadline. Remember, a student may handle an exam only when taking it. More...Regular mail may take up to two weeks and the upcoming holidays could further slow delivery. More information is on our Web site. Select the heading: “How to Nominate a Proctor and Request a Proctored Exam.” Got a question? Ask Kay.

A special note to on-campus students taking SOC 461, which is offered both in-person and online: The final exam is proctored. On-campus students need to schedule an exam appointment two weeks before planning to take the final. Please contact DDP at 509-335-3557, 800-222-4978, or e-mail Kay for details.

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