Monday, June 1, 2009

WSU's budget, and yours

WSU budget. WSU postpones release of final budget plan until mid-June.

Financial aid FAQs. WSU's financial aid guru Kathreen Silva answers your top four financial aid questions.
Q. Can I take fewer than 12 credits in a semester?
A. Yes. Loans and some grants disburse at half-time -- 6 credits undergraduate/5 credits graduate (3 credits in summer for grads) -- while the Pell and State Need Grant are prorated based on enrollment status.
Q. What is considered full-time credits?
A. 12 undergrad/10 grad
Q. What is considered full-time for summer?
A. 12 undergrad/10 grad
Q. What happens if I have to take a withdrawal?
A. Many things.
1. The financial aid office will calculate how much of your financial aid is due back immediately under the terms of the federal Return of Title IV Funds provision. Our office will return the funds on your behalf to the appropriate agencies, which will result in a bill from Student Accounts.
2. Student Accounts will issue a refund of your tuition if you cancel enrollment within the first four weeks of the semester. This refund will be credited towards your bill (as described above).
3. Your financial aid will be in a denial status for the following term under the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP). The federal government requires that all schools monitor their students’ progress under this policy to ensure students are making progress towards their degrees. Your options at this point are to:
a. Complete and submit the online SAP appeal form found at; or
b. Complete the following term with a 2.0 GPA without federal, state, or institutional financial aid assistance. Notify our office at after your grades post.
Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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