Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuition rising; so is financial aid

As you've probably heard, WSU's Board of Regents on Friday approved tuition increases of 14 percent for resident undergraduate students for each of the next two academic years. This change also applies to DDP students, both resident and nonresident.
Graduate students will see a 5 percent increase each year. The regents also set tuition for the new online MBA at $750 a credit. WSU has posted a spreadsheet detailing the changes.
More..."We have to play the hand that is dealt to us," said Francois Forgette, chair of the board, who pointed out that, even after the tuition increase, the university will have to cut its budget by $54.16 million, or 10.38 percent, over the biennium. The regents also mentioned a report that showed WSU’s 2008-2009 tuition and fees placed the university $1,166 below the average of 22 peer institutions.
The good news is that expansion of financial aid, such as Pell grants and Hope Tax Credits will offset some of the tuition hike. Other changes are still working their way through Congress.
Even if you don't think you qualify, be sure to talk with one of our financial aid advisors. And, a gentle reminder: Check the application deadlines. Filing late can cost you a whole lot of money.

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