Friday, May 15, 2009

No trees were harmed

This blog used to be the Online News. Before that, it was the DDP Times, mailed out once a month. It started as the Extended Degree Program Newsletter, first published in January 1993. The photos were black and white. The paper was yellow, or has yellowed with the passing years. Its six pages were fastened with a staple.

Now, staplers are relegated to the back of a desk drawer. More...Printed publications are disappearing, a victim of budget cuts and the advent of the Internet. What does this mean for universities that once relied on paper publications to communicate? Robert Frank, director of internal communications at WSU and editor of WSU Today, tells Inside Higher Ed that there are positives and negatives. You can find the article, not surprisingly, online.

While the trees may be pleased, we at DDP sometimes miss the feeling of an actual print publication. But the blog has some important advantages: It's immediate. We can get news to you right away. It's searchable, so people can find it online. And it's interactive. You can comment. Just click on the comment button below any of the items to share your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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