Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Letter from a scholarship winner

When DDP student Heidi Hiatt heard she won an ASWSU-DDP scholarship, she wrote this note:

WOW! Have you ever seen someone so excited that they’re jumping up and down yelling like they won the lottery?
That’s about how I felt when I checked my mail and found the notification that I’d been awarded one of the ASWSU-DDP scholarships—and found it was double what I thought was possible.
More...I have been ELATED. This is a big deal to me; I’m almost done with my bachelor’s, and this helps make it feel like I’m finally making progress. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also helps ensure completion of my degree.
When I was in high school, I visited WSU for a music event. I later received a letter from the band director inviting me to study at WSU via music scholarship. Unfortunately I had no family support for pursuing college and no means to make it happen. I even had a parent pull me out of my first quarter of community college and take away the car—thankfully I left that bad home situation soon after, started supporting myself, and never looked back.
I got back to community college in 1993, attending at night after work, and graduated in 1995. I was unable to get back to school until 2005 because of marital circumstances and then divorce. So by the time I graduate next year, it will have been, unbelievably, 18 years since high school. But I’ll be graduating from WSU, a school that made a big impression on me nearly two decades before.
I’m very proud of that and very appreciative of the support I’ve gotten from school, especially this.
So thank you for choosing me. I would dare say that this scholarship means more to me than most people simply because it’s been a long, hard battle to get to this point. But battles teach us how to fight, strengthen us, build character, and make us more able to help others. They can make us more determined to succeed if we use them as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

Thank you so much!

Heidi Hiatt

For more information on the ASWSU-DDP scholarship, and other financial aid opportunties, go to online.wsu.edu/future_students/scholarships.aspx

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